Birdwell Whlrs 25 mile TT Sat 23 April

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Birdwell Whlrs 25 mile TT Sat 23 April

Post by Woolfie on Mon Apr 18, 2016 9:22 pm

No Name Club Category Age Cat

1 Greg Godley Birdwell Whs F S
2 Garreth Bruff Barnsley RC D 45-49
3 Harry Buxton Juv Out of the Saddle CC D Juv
4 Richard Bielby Hull Thursday RC D 40-44
5 Trevor Mayne Birdwell Whs A 50-59 diesel
6 Nathan Astley SheffrecCC B 45-49 NathanA
7 Jason Goulty Sugarcane Velo Club D 45-49
8 John Haycock Sheffrec CC E 45-49
9 Mark Scothern Vegetarian C & AC F 50-59 deltapie
10 Daryl May Sheffrec CC B 40-44 daryl
11 Adam Machan Sheffrec CC B S
12 Richard Lunt Rossington Whs C S RichL
13 Andrew Mosley Lincoln Whs CC D 40-44
14 Nicola Holloway W Sheffrec CC E S
15 Dan Taylor Birdwell Whs A S Scratch
16 Richard Cordin Matlock CC C 40-44 fixedrich
17 Alan Holloway Sheffrec CC E S alan_h
18 Gail Phillips W Sheffield Phoenix CC F 40+
19 Christopher Fisher Sowerby Brothers CRT F 60+
20 Andy Turner Sheffrec CC A S Speeddemon95
21 Darren Gough Barnsley RC F 45-49
22 Patrick Gould Matlock CC B 40-44 PADDYG
23 Karen Ledger W Langsett Cycles RT B 40+
24 Robert Keyte Team Cystic Fibrosis D 40-44
25 Keith Ainsworth Sheffrec CC A 50-59 nagalka
26 Chris Melia W Born to Bike - Bridgtown Cycles B 40+
27 Mark Booth Kiveton Park CC C 45-49
28 Sarah Harrison W Sheffield Tri Club E 40+
29 Jake Morgan Sheffrec CC F S
30 Robby Krygsman Team Swift A 50-59
31 James Stephen Bell Rutland CC B S Jbell
32 Robin Ellis East London Velo D S
33 Thomas Booth Juv Birdwell Whs E Juv
34 Alix Archer W Sheffrec CC E 40+
35 Tom Thornely Buxton CC A S
36 Paul Williams Army Cycling Union C 45-49 PaulDWilliams
37 Paul Mason Birdwell Whs C 40-44 in-rainbows
38 John Smith Thurcroft CC E 60+ Laurino
39 Dominic Noone Stafford RC F S
40 Nicholas Latimer Rutland CC A S nickl
41 Steven Hollowood Stocksbridge CC B 50-59 timetriallist53
42 Steven Lacey Barnsley RC C 45-49 Stevenlacey 61
43 Mark Robinson Doncaster Whs CC D 40-44 Robbo123
44 Mel Bentley Wakefield CC E 60+
45 Julian Ramsbottom Pedal Pushers RT A 40-44 Rambo
46 Tony Johnson Barnsley RC C S tonyjohnson
47 David Partridge Team Cystic Fibrosis C S dr.p
48 Pete Laud Common Lane Occasionals F 40-44
49 Oliver Bruff Juv Barnsley RC F Juv
50 Chris Ledger Langsett Cycles RT A 50+ TTman
51 Paul Armstrong Sheffrec CC C S
52 Paul Lee Calder Clarion E 50+ Paulie
53 Mark Sayner Featherstone RC D S Sayner
54 Darryl Wall Out of the Saddle CC B 40-44 walldp

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