Pedal Peak Update - White Peak May Newsletter

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Pedal Peak Update - White Peak May Newsletter

Post by Woolfie on Wed May 25, 2016 2:01 am

Pedal Peak ll – Moving up a Gear
White Peak Loop Newsletter May 2016

The Pedal Peak ll Project, set up in response to receipt of grant aid from the Department
for Transport, officially finished at the end of March 2016. A Pedal Peak Project newsletter
summarising the achievements and end of project report will be published later. In the
meantime this newsletter provides a summary of the continued progress in relation to the
White Peak Loop works managed and funded by Derbyshire County Council

Matlock to Rowsley:
The 8km route between Matlock and Rowsley has been split into four phases and our
own work teams (AllRoads) are now on site on each of the four phases building the route.
Work should be completed on the ground by the end of summer 2016:
Phase 1: Matlock (opposite the Arc) to Old Road, Darley Dale – work has started on
site from the southern end but there is still a lot of work required to reinforce the retaining
wall on the railway embankment near Red House and to build the route across farmland to
provide the link to Old Road. This work will not be completed until the end of the
summer and in the meantime is not available as a through route for cyclists. In
particular please respect that the route will be crossing privately owned farmland and do
not go on this land either on foot or by bicycle until the route has been finished.

Phase 2: Station Road, Darley Dale through Whitworth Park to Church Road,
Churchtown – work started during the middle of May and should take 3 months to
complete. There will be path closures in operation both through the Park and along the
public footpath in the interest of public safety. We would like to apologise for any
inconvenience this causes and every effort will be made to open the paths affected outside
of working hours (Monday-Friday daytime and Saturday mornings). .The route will not be
available at all to cyclists during the build.

Phase 3: Church Road, Churchtown to Harrison Way, Northwood – the surfacing work
is complete and the accompanying fencing work will be carried out during May and June.

Phase 4: Harrison Way, Northwood to Old Station Close, Rowsley – some of the
surfacing work has been completed and a 2.7m wide plastic boardwalk will be built over
the central wetland section starting at the end of May with is estimated to be completed by

Rowsley to Bakewell:
Work is also progressing on the remaining 4km section between Rowsley and Bakewell.
Negotiations are ongoing with Peak Rail over the A6 road crossing and a number of bat
surveys have been carried out over the past year in the Haddon Tunnel. The next stage is
to liaise with landowners and relevant groups and organisations and work up more
detailed designs. As reported before, these issues will mean that this section will not be
completed during the current project.
There is a way of using existing public rights of way to get from Rowsley to Bakewell
without going on the A6 via a public bridleway and non-classified highway. We are
currently looking at the feasibility of formally promoting and signing these as a temporary
off road alternative until the main onward route along the railway is completed.

White Peak Loop West – Buxton area:
High Peak Trail into Buxton:
The 3km off road section linking Dale Head Road, over Staker Hill, around the line of the
former railway and down to the Parks Inn pub in the centre of Harpur Hill is largely
complete on the ground apart from the fact that we have had to temorarily stop the trail
150m short of the pub at the top of Fiddle Street while we carry out some final negotiations
and design work. As a result the route is only available to pedestrians at the
moment and will not be available to cyclists until there is a completed link to join
the highway. More information will be provided on the website as soon as this is

A signing scheme on minor roads through Earl Sterndale promoting the 6km White Peak
Loop link connection between this new section and the top of the High Peak Trail is now in
place. Follow blue ‘WPL’ highway signs.
Further negotiations and designs are needed to look at the continuation route beyond
Harpur Hill to provide the connection to Grin Low, Buxton Country Park and the centre of
Buxton. In the meantime the onward connection into Buxton from Harpur Hill will be via
the Sustrans signed National Cycle Network 68 route which is part of the Pennine
Buxton out to the Monsal Trail:
The safety improvement works on the Wyedale section of the Monsal Trail between
Topley Pike and the western end of the trail are complete and the route has been

Responsible use messages:
When using the trails please respect other users and follow the messages developed as
part of the Pedal Peak Project and “Share with Care” :
Keep in touch
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