Youth Tour of Scotland

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Youth Tour of Scotland

Post by Woolfie on Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:28 pm

Hi all Riders and Parents,

The East Midlands Regional Board has agreed to enter a team to the Youth Tour of Scotland, allow that team to wear regional colours and to make a contribution towards the costs of participation. The contribution is dependent upon the costs of the priority events for the region – Inter Regional MTB & Inter Regional Track – and so the exact contribution is TBD.
Teams comprise of 4 boys and 4 girls, the former to be Youth A and the latter to be either Youth A or Youth B. You can find details here
In order for the Regional Board to approve the selection and for details to be registered with the organisers by 6 March, the youth development group established by the Board has agreed a very simple process for selection.
Riders who are interested in riding for the region at the YTOS should send an expression of interest to, cc’ing Rob Sharman and Tom Haines The expression of interest is very simple and should consist of the following:

1. Statement of interest in riding for the region at the YTOS
2. List of road race results from the season 2016
3. A statement that the rider (and parent) understands that riders will need to arrange their own transport to the event.

If more than 4 riders express an interest, then the Youth Development Group will use the following criteria (in no particular order) to select the riders most likely to benefit from the experience
-Interest and participation in Road racing
-Ability to race at National u16 level
-u16g will be given some preference over u14g on the basis that fewer opportunities lie ahead of u16 to participate in such a youth event, but u14 girls should not feel dissuaded to express their interest!
-Evidence of animating races
-Team player
All who express an interest will be given feedback.
The selection will be made by the youth development group with approval from Regional Board. The Youth Development Group is a collection of coaches from the region and all coaches are invited to participate. If you are not already on the mailing list please contact Rob Sharman who will add you to his list.
Once selection has occurred, helpers will be sought from the parents travelling to YTOS, subject to CRB checks etc.
Cheers, Ricky (and Rob & Tom)

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