VTTA 14.7m TT Sat 11th March

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VTTA 14.7m TT Sat 11th March

Post by Woolfie on Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:59 pm

VTTA north midlands(preference to vtta members) (cheques to craig devonshire)
Date/Time: 11-Mar-17 14:00:00
Distance: 14.7 Miles
Course: o14c
Closing Date: 28-Feb-17 23:59

Start Number
Start Time

1 14:01:00 Michael Allen Team Jewson - MI Racing Male Vet
2 14:02:00 Paul Brierley Huddersfield RC Male Vet
3 14:03:00 Peter Neal VTTA (North Midlands) Male Vet
4 14:04:00 David Buxton Rotherham Wheelers Cycling Club Male Vet
5 14:05:00 Karen Ledger Rutland Cycling Club Female Vet
6 14:06:00 Thomas Booth Birdwell Wheelers Male Junior
7 14:07:00 Michael Wilkinson North Notts Olympic CC Male Vet
8 14:08:00 Alan Sides Rotherham Wheelers Cycling Club Male Vet
9 14:09:00 George Wood North Midland Youth Squad Male Juvenile
10 14:10:00 Steve Gibson Peak Road Club Male Vet
11 14:11:00 Daryl May Sheffrec CC Male Vet
12 14:12:00 Oliver Wright Common Lane Occasionals Male Vet
13 14:13:00 Janice Mcwilliam Bolsover and District CC Female Vet
14 14:14:00 Simon Wood Sheffield Triathlon Club Male Vet
15 14:15:00 Alan Cooke Peak Road Club Male Vet
16 14:16:00 Chris Myhill Peak Road Club Male Vet
17 14:17:00 David PARTRIDGE Team Cystic Fibrosis Male Vet
18 14:18:00 GEOFF BRYAN Featherstone RC Male Vet
19 14:19:00 Patrick Giblin Kiveton Park Cycling Club Male Vet
20 14:20:00 Darryl Wall Out of the Saddle CC Male Vet
21 14:21:00 Gary Kondor Sherwood Pines Cycles Male Vet
22 14:22:00 Ady Dench Sheffield Triathlon Club Male Vet
23 14:23:00 Ian Twigg Bolsover and District CC Male Vet
25 14:25:00 Chris Dyke Langsett Cycles Race Team Male Senior
26 14:26:00 Dominic Watts Veloviewer Male Vet
27 14:27:00 Ann Walsham Maxx R. T. Female Vet
28 14:28:00 Gordon Wordsworth Whirlow Wheelers Male Vet
29 14:29:00 Daniel Collier University of Sheffield Cycling Club Male Espoir
30 14:30:00 joel wainman SSLL Racing Team Male Vet
31 14:31:00 Chris Ledger Rutland Cycling Club Male Vet
32 14:32:00 MARK BURTONSHAW Team Swift Male Vet
33 14:33:00 Sarah Harrison Sheffield Triathlon Club Female Vet
35 14:35:00 trevor mayne Birdwell Wheelers Male Vet
36 14:36:00 Paul Mapletoft Kiveton Park Cycling Club Male Vet
37 14:37:00 Michael Weaver Rotherham Wheelers Cycling Club Male Vet
38 14:38:00 stephen williams Stourbridge CC Male Vet
39 14:39:00 Josie Smith Barnsley Road Club Female Senior
40 14:40:00 Shaun Eden Mapperley CC Male Vet
41 14:41:00 Brian Sunter Condor RC Male Vet
42 14:42:00 Patrick Gould Matlock CC Male Vet
43 14:43:00 Andrew Woolf Matlock CC Male Vet

44 14:44:00 richard christian Bolsover and District CC Male Vet
45 14:45:00 Daniel Barnett Team Bottrill / HSS Hire Male Vet

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