Youth Racing 2014

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Youth Racing 2014

Post by Woolfie on Sat Feb 08, 2014 1:58 am

Youth racing 2014 - Circuit racing, Cyclo-cross, Go-ride, Juniors, Road racing, Track racing, Go-ride youngsters.

Its a common comment amongst parents that when the highly organised NDCXL season comes to an end that there seems to be few opportunities for youth racing locally - here are a few links to opportunities for youngsters to get started with their racing and to help you with planning:

All Youth categories – East Midland region – Road races/Closed circuit races

All Youth categories – East Midland region – Track races

All Youth categories – East Midlands region – MTB races

All Youth categories – Eat Midlands region – Go-ride races

These links are to help you and provided as a guide – please check entry requirements and event details and watch out for th age groupings as they differ between each discipline - there should be some guidance on the British Cycling Website in their rules.

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