MTB inter regional championships selection for youth an juvenile riders

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MTB inter regional championships selection for youth an juvenile riders

Post by Woolfie on Wed Feb 26, 2014 9:51 pm

If you are an U16 rider racing nationally at MTB and interested in selection for the East Midlands team at the Inter-regional MTB champ this year (Hadleigh Farm likely venue) then please find the selection criteria below. Any Questions about whether this is for you please speak to your club coach in the first instance, otherwise feel free to contact any of the MTB team (Emma Martin, Stuart Gascoyne or Andrew Gillot)

The selection of riders for the East Midlands Inter-regional MTB event will be based on the following points:

Attendance at selection races and results:
3 out 6 events to be completed [Best Results, one must be a national level event]
30th March NPS Codham Park
15th June NPS Margam
20th July National Cross Country Champs Hopton Woods
27th April Midlands MTB Birchall
18th May Midlands MTB Eastridge Woods
8th June Nutcracker MTB race Sheffield

Physical, technical and tactical capability. Headroom for improvement. Coachability. Assessment will take place March 5th, March 22nd, April 5th Thornbridge Outdoors Centre

On and off the bike conduct.
Motivation in general and at the specific discipline.
Ability to work within a team environment, being self-sufficient and able to support others within that team environment.
Availability for the event.

If you are a rider interested in being considered for selection please email by June 25th 2014

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