Paris Nice 2014 TV schedule

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Paris Nice 2014 TV schedule

Post by Woolfie on Sat Mar 08, 2014 3:09 am

The 'Race to the Sun' starts this weekend.....

Paris-Nice 2014: TV schedule
Satellite and digital channel British Eurosport will be broadcasting live coverage plus highlights from this year’s Paris-Nice.
Sunday March 9, 14:30, Stage 1, British Eurosport 2
Monday March 10, 13:45, Stage 2, British Eurosport
Tuesday March 11, 13:45, Stage 3, British Eurosport
Wednesday March 12, 15:15 Stage 4, British Eurosport
Thursday March 13, 15:15, Stage 5, British Eurosport
Friday March 14, 15:15, Stage 6, British Eurosport
Saturday March 15, 14:30, Stage 7, British Eurosport 2
Sunday March 16, 15:15, Stage 8, British Eurosport 2


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