2014 National Club Road & Track rankings

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2014 National Club Road & Track rankings

Post by Andrew Briggs on Thu Apr 03, 2014 5:10 am

Congratulations to all of those riders that have contributed to MCC's national ranking of 64th, which puts us 3rd in the East Midlands behind Raleigh and Metaltek and with the exception of Cheryl Vaughan, who is having a great start to the season, this is all down to our young riders. The next East Midlands team is Sherwood Pines with a national ranking of 89th. Keep up the good work and accrue those ranking points.
1 Cheryl Vaughan 14
2 Holly Hoy 12
3 Ben Mellor 12
4 Sarah Briggs 8
5 Libby Smith 4
6 Harriet Limb 4
7 Louis Swindell 4
8 Thomas Woolf 2
9 Cameron Orr 1
10 Sam Gould 1
11 Elena Smith 1

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