Interclub TT Tues 8th July

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Interclub TT Tues 8th July

Post by Woolfie on Thu Jul 10, 2014 9:49 am

Result from the Interclub TT with Derby Mercury - return leg is next week on the Derby Mercury Long Lane TT course:

Adam Kenway. D. 21.22
Chris Green. M. 22.31
Paul Newton. D. 22.42
Joe Clark. D. 22.48
Stuart Marshall.D. 23.10
Jon Knapp. D. 23.48
Guy Webster. D. 23.50
Neil Armitage. M. 23.51
Richard Cordin. M. 23.53
Pete Crewe. D. 24.14
Mark Gray. D. 24.52
Peter Turner. D. 24.53
David Barber. D. 25.21
Sid Wilson. D. 25.39
Andy Woolf. M. 25.49
Steve Goodall. M. 25.50
Alan Marsden. M. 26.14
Andy Cliff. D. 27.07
Dave Bettridge. D. 27.22
Eric Ruthenberg.M. 27.30
Dan Gibson. D. 27.38
Hilary Johnson. D. 27.51 F.
Maz Heffnan. M. 27.57 F.
Philip Cripps. D. 28.46
Sarah Briggs. M. 31.04 F. Age 12.

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