Wanted: Cheap (preferably 9/10 speed) groupset and aero bars

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Wanted: Cheap (preferably 9/10 speed) groupset and aero bars

Post by tdm on Wed Dec 24, 2014 10:29 pm

I'm after some bits to build up a cheap TT bike to have a more serious go this season and if anyone had any of the following bits for sale that would be great:

Rear mech (Shimano)
Front mech (braze on)
53/39 175mm crankset (Preferably hollowtech)
Brakes (recessed fitting)
TT Bar end brake levers
Chain and cassette (something like a 11-25?)

Also, if anyone has any bars (base bars and aero extensions) and some 10 speed bar end shifters that would be ideal, although I do have some old ones that might be serviceable in friction shifting mode.



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