NDCXL league trophy returns

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NDCXL league trophy returns

Post by Woolfie on Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:38 pm

Message from NDCXL and there are few Matlock names on that list! If anyone needs help returning anything let us know!]]Thank you to everyone that has already returned their trophies.
We have had 17 returned, but still require 10.
here is a list of what we are still owed.

Girl Holly Hoy Matlock CC
Team Matlock CC Louis Swindell Ben Mellor Holly Hoy

Girl Amo Wayte Matlock CC
Team Belper BC Christian Boon Jack Husselbee Ed Warbrick

U16G Isabelle Boon Derby Mercury

U23 Lewis T-Wilson Ashfield
Senior Gareth Whitall Private Member
V45 Jon Marshall Zepnat
V65 Terence taylor Matlock CC

Junior Rebecca Richards Newark

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