East Midlands Youth Track Cycling team selection

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East Midlands Youth Track Cycling team selection

Post by Woolfie on Mon Feb 23, 2015 7:37 am

We have received information regarding the youth inter regional track championships which is part of the UK School Games so quite a big deal. The UK school games is the one of the largest sporting events in the country. Think youth olympics and you're not far off the mark. The selection criteria for youth riders who wish to be involved is below. Whilst it may be that you may not be at a level yet to take part , we think we should publish the informtion about these sort of things things so that you may realise what is possible and what you can train towards!

This is the selection criteria for the 2015 IRTC at Manchester

If you could circulate amongst your clubs and social media:

East Midlands Track Cycling team selection criteria.

Inter-Regional Track Championships 2015

Manchester Velodrome

3rd 4th 5th and 6th September

4 male and 4 female Riders Youth A and Youth B eligibility.

[There will be a nominated reserve rider]

Selection Criteria;

Any Riders interested will be expected to compete at the below events, and

submit an expression of interest and CV as soon as possible and to keep the team

staff updated with details of selection race results and attendance at track league to

the manager Graeme Waters [graeme_trackcoach@btinternet.com]

There will be a list of squad riders who will be notified by e-mail, the final selection

will be made after analysing the results, from the events forming part of the selection


Each rider participating at the selection races will be expected to feed back their

results to the manager, the top three riders plus one wildcard will form the final


In addition;

The selection of riders will also be based on the following points for all the events

although this list is not exhaustive;

1 Attendance at selection races and results.

2 Physical, technical and tactical capability.

3 Headroom for improvement in general and within the specific discipline.

4 Coachability.

5 The ability to work within a team environment, being self-sufficient and able to

support others within that team environment.

6 To agree with and sign the riders code of conduct

7. Availability for the event

8. Roller 10 mile time trial times.

9. 10 second rev out.

10. Standing start 50 metre sprint.

11. Results in selection events (to be in contention for a place on the team, rider

must ride the selection events)

12. Professional on and off the bike

13. Do they look like bike riders

14. Take care of yourselves- fuelling, keeping warm, recovery between events etc

15. Desire/ passion

16. Commitment to training

17. Attendance and participation at the National Junior Track Championships

The successful riders will be notified after ratification by the East Midlands Youth

Development working Group and the Regional Board at the earliest opportunity after

the conclusion of the selection events and submission of any expression of interest



Midland Omnium rounds

26th April Derby Youth Omnium Derby Arena

16th May Wolverhampton Youth Omnium Wolverhampton

17th May Newcastle Youth Omnium Newcastle Under Lyme

Attendance and commitment to a local track league, minimum attendance to two track league

events at either Scunthorpe, Forest Town, or Newcastle Upon Tyne.

[This has been decided to allow parents to attend local leagues to save travelling costs].

Commitment to attending and competing at the Youth and Junior National Track

Championship at Manchester on 3rd and 7th August

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