Manchester and DTTCA 10 Saturday 18th April

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Manchester and DTTCA 10 Saturday 18th April

Post by Woolfie on Tue Apr 14, 2015 9:04 pm


4 L Speight Holme Valley Wheelers
5 N Wood (V) Wills Wheels
6 A Robinson (V) Out of the Saddle Bike Pure
7 B Johnson Kidsgrove Wheelers
8 T Jefferies (Ju) Westmead Team 88
9 J Brayford (Ju) Lyme Racing Club
10 P Gould (V) Matlock CC
11 R Mcdonald (V) Wrexham RC
12 N Wood (V) Lancashire Road Club
13 R Watson (V) Wills Wheels
14 A Meinhardt (V) Kidsgrove Wheelers
15 S Hilton (V) Warrington Road Club
16 M Bullock (V) Buxton CC
17 P Blackburn Leigh Premier Road Club
18 S Turner (V) Westmead Team 88
19 I Bracegirdle (V) Stretford Wheelers
20 P Robinson (V) Janus RC
21 M Parish Crewe Clarion Wheelers
22 C Senior (V) North Cheshire Clarion
23 R Bates Manchester Wheelers
24 J Harcourt (LV) Stretford Wheelers
25 C Carraz (V) Seamons CC
26 R Harcourt (V) Stretford Wheelers
27 M Brown Club RST Aerocoach
28 L Winslow (V) Wills Wheels
29 A Yates (V) St Helens CRC
30 T Thornely Buxton CC
31 S Hargreaves (V) Warrington Road Club
32 C Warner (V) Stone Wheelers CC
33 M Bailey (L) Vision Racing
34 S Blake (LV) Congleton Cycling Club
35 R Hayes Manchester Wheelers
36 A Newby Langsett Cycles RT
37 D Wright (V) Warrington Road Club
38 N Rothwell (V) Seamons CC
39 J Lee (V) Astley & Tyldesley Tri
40 C Siepen Seamons CC
41 P Gayes (V) Leek CC
42 D Jackson Middleton CC
43 J Shearsmith (V) Manchester Wheelers
44 D Steele (V) Lyme Racing Club
45 S Daintith (V)
46 C Hayes (V) Liverpool Century RC
47 P Brierley (V) Huddersfield R C
48 P Welsby (V) drag2zero
49 A Williams (V) Bury Clarion
50 A Chorley (V) Seamons CC
51 P Warrener (V) Rossendale RC
52 P Hollins (V) Chester Tri Club
53 P Atkinson (LV) Seamons CC
54 A Shuttleworth (V) Weaver Valley CC
55 P Robinson (V) Lyme Racing Club
56 D Byrne Team Polypipe
57 M Irvine Withington Wheelers
58 S Byrne (L) Team Giordana
59 G Tait (V) Bury Clarion
60 D Mathers (V) Seamons CC
61 L Brotzman Wills Wheels
62 J Humphries Westmead Team 88
63 P Milligan (V) Stretford Wheelers
64 B Armstrong (V) Seamons CC
65 N Skellern (V) Team Swift
66 S Hankey (V) Warrington Road Club
67 G Leicester (V)
68 J Holmes (Ju) Crewe Clarion Wheelers
69 E Chatwin (V) Vision Racing
70 M Stell Ribble Valley CRC
71 T Boardman (V) VTTA Manchester & NW
72 A Gray Wills Wheels
73 P Holden (V) Seamons CC
74 S Davis Severn Valley Velo
75 I Holbrook (V) Stone Wheelers CC
76 P Pearce (V)
77 P Rowsell (V) North Cheshire Clarion
78 A Whitehead (V) Seamons CC
79 G Williams (V) Mersey Tri
80 T Mayne (V) Birdwell Wheelers
81 A Stanway (V) Weaver Valley CC
82 D Pargeter (V) Stretford Wheelers
83 M Halloway Macclesfield Wheelers
84 M Biggs (LV) Team Bader Amputees
85 D Maironis (V)
86 A Hughes (V) North Cheshire Clarion
87 N Turnbull Leigh Premier Road Club
88 W Powell (V) Congleton Cycling Club
89 S Longdon (V) Stretford Wheelers
90 S Bridge (V) Manchester Wheelers
91 T Peach (V) Crewe Clarion Wheelers
92 P Maffei Glossop Kinder Velo
93 R Myers (V) Manchester Wheelers
94 A Jackson (V) Macclesfield Wheelers
95 S Burns Manchester Wheelers

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