Mapperley CC Open 10 mile TT Sat 23rd May

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Mapperley CC Open 10 mile TT Sat 23rd May

Post by Woolfie on Thu May 21, 2015 1:25 am


Name Club Category Time

Andrew k Hicklin Fusion CC (Dronfield) V 15:02
Anthony Hardenberg Witham Wheelers V 15:03
Adam Brown Meltono Olympic CC V 15:04
5 Alan Cooke Team swift V 15:05
Phil Gray-Blest Beeston Cycling Club V 15:06
Paul Mapletoft Kiveton Park CC V 15:07
Gary Ison Melton Olympic CC V 15:08
Kathryn Smith Wheelers V 15:09
10 Darren Kerry Nottingham Clarion CC V 15:10.
Chris Spray Ratae RC V 15:11
Ian 'G Force' Guilor Mapperley CC V 15:12
Adrian Jackson Retford & District Whs V 15:13
Patrick Gould Matlock CC V 15:14
15 Ross Barton North Notts Olympic S 15:15
Guy Webster Derby Mercury RC V 15:16
Ron Halam South Pennine RC V 15:17
Geof Platts MCG D├ęcor V 15:18
Mark Booth Kiveton Park CC V 15:19
20 Adam Gascoigne Pedal Power Loughborough 15:20
Louise Day Team Swift L 15:21
Adam Brown Melton Olympic CC S 15:22
David Wright Cheshire Roads Club V 15:23
Jon Beere Witham Wheelers S 15:24
25 Shaun Eden Mapperley CC S 15:26
Andy Smith North Notts Olympic CC S 15:26
Russell Jelly Mapperley CC S 15:27 :love:
Matthew Simons Mercia Lloyds Cycles CC V 15:28
Gill Henshaw VC Long Eaton L 15:29
30 Jim Boyle Cherry Valley RT (B&C Express) V 15:30
David Wallwin Belper BC V 15:31
Andrew Cutts Birdwell Whs s 15:32
Matthew Anderson Stratford Cycle Studio - RPC S 15:33
Steve Boat Welland Valley CC V 15:34
35 Jason Swann Mapperley CC V 15:35
Xavier Scott Bolsover & District CC S 15:36
Richard Cordin Matlock CC V 15:37
Simon Travell Bolsover & District CC S 15:38
David Herd Witham Wheelers V 15:39
40 Mark Mccartney Nottingham Clarion CC V 15:40
Jamie Haines Melton Olympic CC S 15:41
Peter Lavine Coalville Wheelers V 15:42
David Smith Sleaford Wheelers V 15:43
Neil Kerry Clifton C.C. York V 15:44
45 Phil Hunt Mapperley CC S 15:45
Graham Huck Team Swift V 15:46
adam gardner Melton Olympic CC S 15:47
Samantha Westwell Mapperley CC L 15:48
Jim Boyle Cherry Valley RT (B&C Express) V 15:49
50 James Perkins Team Zenith S 15:50
Martin Hedley Witham Wheelers V 15:51
Simon Cooper Nottingham Clarion CC V 15:52
Anthony McGarry Doncaster Whs CC S 15:53
Chris Myhill Peak Road Club V 15:54
55 Michael Westwell Mapperley CC S 15:55
Steve Cornish Velo Club Nottingham V 15:56
David Wallwin Belper BC V 15:57
Ian Dalton Cherry Valley RT (B&C Express) V 15:58
John Hind Bolsover & District CC V 15:59
60 Ryan JN Perry Langdale Lightweights V 16:00
Stephen Walsh Sherwood CC V 16:01
Luke Hind Bolsover & District CC Junior 16:02
Steven Welch Welland Valley CC V 16:03
64 Matthew Bottrill S 16:04

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