White Peak Loop news update August 2015

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White Peak Loop news update August 2015

Post by Woolfie on Tue Aug 18, 2015 9:52 am

White Peak Loop
White Peak Loop East (Matlock – Bakewell area):

Planning approval has been granted for 3 of the 4 phases of the route between Matlock and Rowsley: Phase l between Matlock and Old Road, Darley Dale (reference CD3/1214/119), Phase 3 between Church Road, Churchtown and Harrison Way Northwood (reference CD3/1214/122) and Phase 4 between Harrison Way and Old Station Close, Rowsley (reference CD3/0215/142).

An application for Phase 2 between Darley Dale and Church Road, Churchtown, through the Whitworth Park (reference CD3/0615/46) was submitted at the end of June and is currently out for consultation. Phase 5 will cover the section between Old Station Close, Rowsley and the Peak District National Park boundary and include the crossing over the A6 and the railway viaduct over the River Derwent. Discussions are still taking place between the County Council and Peak Rail as to what form the bridge should take so no application has been submitted yet.

Work on the ground for Phases 1 and 3 has been delayed due to the time it is taking to discharge planning conditions but it is hoped that work can start on site by the end of September. Permission for Phase 4 was only granted on 10 August and there are several conditions to be discharged so work will not start on this section until the Autumn.

An additional grant aid has been received from central government to build a short shared cycle/pedestrian route on the A6 near the Arc Leisure Centre, Matlock to provide a valuable additional link into the White Peak Loop for Matlock residents. This scheme is now complete.

Rowsley to Bakewell: Phase 6 covers the section within the Peak District National Park, through the Haddon Estate. Discussions are still ongoing with the Estate over details for the trail and over the two further bridges that are being proposed to bridge Church Lane and Park Lane in Rowsley. The section of the route through the Haddon Estate has also been affected by the confirmation of the presence of hibernating bats in the tunnel. More survey work is being carried out over the summer months and all the data is being analysed before a decision can be made about what this will mean for the project. It will have a significant impact on the timescales as it is unlikely that work could start in the tunnel until summer 2016.
White Peak Loop West (Buxton area):

Wyedale section: Work is complete to deliver safety improvement works on the Wyedale section of the route between Topley Pike and the western end of the Monsal Trail and the route has now been reopened. Work to explore options to develop the route further into Buxton is not due to begin until later in 2015.

Harpur/Staker Hill: Work started on site at the end of July to build the section of the route between Dale Head Road over Staker Hill and along the former railway line to connect down into the centre of Harpur Hill at Parks Inn. Once this is complete work will be carried out to sign the road sections to provide onward links to the High Peak Trail in the south and Buxton in the north.

For more on the White Peak Loop: www.derbyshire.gov.uk/pedalpeak

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