Black Bank Hill climb 18th October

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Black Bank Hill climb 18th October

Post by Artstu on Mon Oct 19, 2015 7:04 am

Grace and William did Matlock CC proud today at the Lyme racing Black Bank hill climb in the under 12 up the pavement category . William came in 2nd just one second off 1st, and Grace came 1st with an amazing 5:08 in conditions which weren't considered favourable for setting records. That beats the Lyme U12 record of 5:12.

Under 12’s
1st Aaron Mansell 4min 17sec
Guest rider William Longden (Matlock) 4min 18sec
2nd Joshua Jackson 4min 23sec
3rd Ross Hooley 4min 33sec
Guest rider Grace Longden (Matlock) 5min 8sec
4th Isaac Curtis 5min 28sec
5th Aaron Hardy 5min 47sec
6th Zach Edwards 5min 54sec
7th Minnie MacKenzie 6min 11sec (1st U12 Girl)
8th Thomas Mould 6min 15sec
9th Paige Hardy 6min 17sec (2nd U12 Girl)
10th Harry Brayford 6min 19sec
11th Chloe Dickens 6min 21sec (3rd U12 Girl)
12th William Bedow 6min 22sec
13th Tallisha Morley 6min 27sec
14th Daniel Jones 6min 35sec
15th Christian Morley 7min 17sec
16th Ashley Powell 7min 30sec
17th Holly Edwards 8min 02sec
18th Jacob Darley 9min 10sec
19th James Dale 9min 43sec
20th Holly Dale 12min 02sec
21st Poppy Dale 12min 27sec
22nd Katie Steele 13min 00sec


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