Derby Track League Registration 2016

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Derby Track League Registration 2016

Post by Woolfie on Mon Dec 14, 2015 8:49 pm

The Derby Track League registration is now open for 2016. It is expected to fill up quickly so you are advised to register NOW!

Annual registration for 2016 will open up to you on 13 December 2015 and will be promoted more widely from 19th December, giving you 1 week head start. It will close on 9th January, or sooner, if the maximum number of registrations (200) is reached before the 9th.

The cost of the annual registration fee has increased to £20 for the year Jan-Dec however the weekly entry fee will be reduced to £12 per night.

The annual registration fee will cover you for:-

A nine week league (cut short due to Easter and football) which will run from 19/01/16 through to 22/03/16 inclusive (no league on 23/02/16 due to a home DCFC fixture).
An autumn league from September to November (dates still to be confirmed)
1 session per month during the summer months of May, June, July and August to keep everyone's hand (and legs) in. There may be more sessions arranged during the summer but as yet these plans are not confirmed.
The league will operate with the same 4 groups as this year A, B, C (mixed) and D (women only) and all riders must be over aged 16 or over.

To buy your league registration go to

The spring league will start with 4 races per night for each group but we will, with your cooperation, try to increase this to 5 per night as the league continues. We can only do this if riders clear the track more prompty after the end of the race. If you were in the front of the race and sprinting flat out at the finish you will have a maximum of 2 laps to leave the track. If you were not going quite so fast at the finish, please clear the track after 1 lap.

If we can increase number of races up to 5 per group for this spring league, this will give us the option of increasing the number of groups for future leagues up to 5 (riding 4 races per night again) which we believe there is a need for.

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