Last night's Sunday in Hell.

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Last night's Sunday in Hell.

Post by philc on Fri Nov 29, 2013 9:27 pm

What a fantastic night at Wirksworth's Northern Light Cinema! cheers 

It was great to see the cinema packed with Matlock Cycling Club members and their families. And what a nice touch to have bidons waiting on our seats thanks to Zepnat. Also there was a Cateye light given away by Stanley Fearn Cycles to the first person to answer the question correctly what year did Stanley Fearn open in Darley Dale? Answer, I think was 1903...not sure who won, but I guess he was a MCC member!

And what an interesting film, a great insight to the Paris Roubaix nearly 38 years ago. One of the things I noticed was the build of the riders back then were a lot bigger than todays riders...and their saddles look to low. Eddy Merckx certainly spent a long time adjusting his! The other observation was that the race organisation looked a bit chaotic compered to todays races.

As for the protesters...they needed Bernard Hinault to shift them out of the way! bom 

Interestingly the commentator of the race was a guy called Daniel Mangeas...La Voix du Tour, who still commentates on the Tour de France today.

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