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Club Cyclo Cross Video

Post by Dave Gordon on Fri Feb 05, 2016 9:11 am

Hi we are putting together a short cyclo-cross video to introduce the sport to interested newbies and record /promote the clubs work in this area. We will be looking for younger volunteers to narrate and do some ‘staged’ shots. Here are the main areas we will cover: Introduction to the subject, Training and preparation, Race Day, Post Race activities. We are looking for video footage and photos to use so if you are interested in helping please review the detailed plan for the video below and if you have any material that may be suitable please contact Dave Gordon at

1. Introduction
What is cyclo cross, who can do it, when, where, what do you need to dip a toe into the sport.

2. Training and prep
Lea Green, Whitworth, Imperial rooms and the barn
Skills learnt
The trainers we have to thank
Equipment and clothing

3. Race Day
Home prep breakfast, what to wear take.
Gathering of all racers / our riders in Matlock tent
Mention Notts and Derby League,
Signing on, pins , numbers and chips, warm up
The start pegs with age categories, Lining up, The start line and the start itself
Race Face
The race – type of circuits to expect, racing time
Variety of riders from little ones on balance bikes , show progression through ages categories to youth riders.
The finish
Mud Mud glorious mud, riders, water bottle’s, bikes, cars
Chuck Wagon
The results

4. Post Race
Relaxing by fire, looking for the results on Internet
Bike cleaning and repair ready for the next one.
Looking for results later in day
Recovery/reset for the next race
Matlock presentation evening

5. Extras
Not worked out fully yet, we will inject some light hearted themes throughout the video and may have a separate section here

Video will be a benevolent, inclusive, positive look at the sport, Matlock CC and anyone featured. Other Media/Music may get used but will be royalty free and credited if necessary. Current aim is to cover the material in a short film to retain interest throughout, say maximum 10 minutes. Things which will quickly date the video will be avoided e.g. Mention of the current year or what specifically may be happening in the big world or on telly.

Dave Gordon

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