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National Hillclimb Championship Bank Road Sunday 30th October

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National Hillclimb Championship Bank Road Sunday 30th October Empty National Hillclimb Championship Bank Road Sunday 30th October

Post by Woolfie on Fri Sep 02, 2016 9:00 pm

We are promoting the CTT National Hill Climb Championships on Bank Road. Please book the date.
We would like to hear from you if you can help on the day. This will mainly be marshalling on corners to ensure no traffic enters the closed roads. Please email John White at or Chris Mottram at
If you have a van or pickup and can provide transport for cone and signs on the day please also let us know using the above emails. Also if you are available to fetch signs etc on Friday afternoon and/or take them back on Monday morning please let us know.

We need for the National Hillclimb Championship around 20 of the 75cm cones for closing minor roads. We have around 14 available at present so if know of one lost over a wall, or behind a hedge, etc either inform us as above or bring it to one of the roller sessions at the club room or to Whitworth Park when coaching is taking place.

You can enter the event online at the CTT website here:

​Look for the Facebook Page dedicated to the 2016 National Hillclimb at Bank Road, Matlock

Club Website Page here:!ctt-national-hillclimb-2016/u3nzd

​Veloviewer statistics for the Bank Road Strava segment:

​Strava segment:

​Course Description:
The course consists of all Bank Road and Rutland Street and part of
Wellington Street, Matlock.
Start is by the bus shelter above the junction of Bank Road and Imperial Road.
Finish is approximately 30 m before the junction of Wellington Street and Cavendish Road, Marked with an “F” on the road/wall.
Distance : 834 m
Halfway :: Just below Smedley Street.
Maximum gradient :20% just above Smedley Street.
Average gradient : 14%

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