Youth Track Cluster Session 12th February

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Youth Track Cluster Session 12th February Empty Youth Track Cluster Session 12th February

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12th February Cluster 4 - Matlock CC Cluster

You can enter online through the British Cycling Website Here:

From January 2017 the club co-ordinators for the Club Cluster Sessions are Julie Parker and Maresa Mellor.

Julie Parker Email: teddyskye dot jp at gmail dot com

We take part in regular track cluster coaching sessions at Derby Arena for youngsters interested in riding the track.
To be eligible for the East Midlands track cluster session we require young riders to be:

A club member

A British Cycling member

Age 9 and above (for Derby Arena)

Attending regular coaching sessions

Demonstrate the appropriate level of coachability, competence and confidence

Riding British Cycling races

Able to “hold a wheel” in Go-ride coaching sessions

Able to ride a 12-15mph for 10 mins

Note that the Club volunteer coach’s discretion will apply at all times.

We have access to Derby Velodrome via cluster sessions held on Sunday mornings on a rotation, of which we are in Cluster 4. These sessions are for children 9+ years however they must be competent on a drop handlebar bike and preferably taking part in some kind of racing. There are other opportunities for your child to try the track before attending a cluster session if they wish. Derby velodrome provide family taster sessions and during school holidays Cycle Derby and British Cycling run sessions at Derby. If you would like any further information don’t hesitate to ask.

The next cluster session are as follows:

22nd January Cluster 2

29th January Cluster 3

12th February Cluster 4 - Matlock CC Cluster

You can enter online through the British Cycling Website Here:

19th February BC Advanced group only

5th March Race week

12th March Cluster 1

19th March Cluster 2

If you are already attending the sessions it is possible to attend other clusters. Apply in the normal way, but you may not get accepted until close to the date or may get refused if they are full. They may be grateful of extra people to fill their session up.

Please ask if you have any questions.

Julie Parker

A Cluster is a British Cycling idea to group Go-Ride clubs together to allow them access to facilities that they probably couldn’t afford or fully utilise on their own – there are clusters UK wide.

They are generally aimed at beginner or intermediate skill levels … definitely not advanced, aged 9 to 16.

The East Midlands track cluster 4 grouping includes:

Matlock CC


Rutland Rouleur


VC Lincoln


Other clubs may / will be invited to fill spaces if appropriate.

The wider East Midlands cluster includes all Go-ride clubs in the British Cycling East Midlands region. These kinds of activities lead to further opportunities such as Regional Schools of Racing, National Schools of Racing, etc. These sessions are only available to junior club members who are engaged in club Go-ride activities and regional track racing

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