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Mallory Park Youth Road Racing 2015

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Mallory Park Youth Road Racing 2015 Empty Mallory Park Youth Road Racing 2015

Post by Woolfie on Tue Feb 03, 2015 4:38 am

Youth events at Mallory Park Road Race League are run on Tuesday evenings from mid-April to mid-August.There are races for 3 age groups each evening, U8, U10/U12 and U14/U16 age groups.

For 2015 we have introduced
•Double League points for 3 events
•Bonus sprints qualifying for league points in 4 events
•For U10/12 and U14/16 age groups 4 mini-stage race events starting with either a Time Trial or a Points Race and Concluding with a Scratch Race. Only the overall results from the evening are eligible for BC points

All events are run under British Cycling rules and may be seen on the BC website by clicking on the link in the sidebar.

Note that we only do entry on the line.

Downloadable Programme

The 2015 programme of events, which contains details of all start times and the different events, may be downloaded from the sidebar. Note that occasionally we may need to change the circuit. Joining our Facebook Group, signing up for our Twitter feed or joining our Mailing List is a great way of keeping up to date

Youth Programme
(SR=Stage Race, BS=Bonus Sprint, DP=Double Points)
Click on a start time to get full event and circuit details

Date U8 U10/12 U14/16

14/04 18:45 19:05 19:30
21/04 18:45 19:05 19:30
28/04 18:45 19:05 19:30
05/05 19:05 BS 18:45 SR 19:50 BS
12/05 18:45 19:25 BS 19:05 SR
19/05 18:45 DP 19:05 DP 19:35 DP
26/05 18:45 19:05 19:35
02/06 18:45 BS 18:20 SR 19:40 BS
09/06 18:45 19:05 BS 18:20 SR
23/06 18:45 DP 19:05 DP 19:50 DP
30/06 19:05 BS 18:45 SR 19:50 BS
07/07 18:45 19:25 BS 19:05 SR
14/07 18:45 19:05 19:35
21/07 18:45 19:05 19:35
28/07 18:45 19:05 BS 18:20 SR
04/08 18:45 BS 18:20 SR 19:35 BS
12/08 18:45 DP 19:05 DP 19:35 DP
08/09 18:45 19:05 19:30

Mini Stage Race Events

•For U01/12 and U14/16 riders there will be 4 mini stage races, comprising 2 stages and an overall. Both stages and the overall will qualify for league points, but only overall will qualify for BC points
•The overall winner will be the rider with the lowest aggregate score from both events (1 for 1st, 2 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd etc). In the event of a tie the result of the Scratch Race will decide the winner
•Where the first stage is a Time Trial, standard road bikes will be used (no discs wheels and no tri-bars)
•Where the first stage is a points race, the first 3 riders over the line every lap will gain 3, 2 and 1 points and the winner will be the rider with the most points
•Riders do not have to ride both events on the evening, but only those finishing both stages will be eligible for the overall

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