White Peak Loop Planning Meeting 10 August

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White Peak Loop Planning Meeting 10 August Empty White Peak Loop Planning Meeting 10 August

Post by Woolfie on Thu Jul 30, 2015 1:30 am

The Planning Committee meeting at which the White Peak Loop (Monsal Trail Extension) from Harrison Way to Rowsley is to be decided is 10th August...

Proposal: The laying out and construction of a new multi-user trail
Phase 4) extending from Matlock to Rowsley.

Location: White Peak Loop, Harrison Way, A6 Darley Dale to Rowsley, Derbyshire

Applicant: Derbyshire County Council

Application Code: CD3/0215/142

I refer to the representation you have submitted in respect of the above application

and am writing to let you know that it is now anticipated that it will be considered

by the council's Regulatory Planning Committee at its meeting to be held on 10

August 2015 at 10.00am. The meeting will be held at County Hall, Matlock.

We are working towards publication of a chief officer report to the Committee for

the application by five working days before the date of the meeting. It will be

placed on the council’s website as soon as it is available at the following




A paper copy of the report will also be obtainable at that time by telephoning

Committee Services on 01629 538372.

If you wish to attend the meeting of the Committee when the application is considered, it

is recommended that from you check that the application is then included on the agenda

for this meeting, and the timings for the sessions of the meeting, by visiting the County

Council website at the address provided above, or alternatively by enquiring by telephone

to 01629 539800.

The County Council offers an opportunity for those who have made

representations and applicants or their agents to speak at the Regulatory Planning

Committee meeting about the application for up to three minutes. I enclose a note

which sets out the procedure for public participation at meetings of the Regulatory

Planning Committee.

If you decide that you wish to speak at the committee meeting on the application,

and/or that you would wish to be present at any site visit, you should notify the

Planning Services team before 12:00 noon on the Friday before the meeting,

either by telephone on 01629 539800 or by email at


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