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Tour of Britain volunteers wanted Empty Tour of Britain volunteers wanted

Post by Woolfie on Sat Aug 29, 2015 12:13 am

Request for help on the TOB Friday stage:

Good afternoon,

We hope that you and your cycling club are aware that the Aviva Tour of Britain will be in your area and that you are looking forward to seeing some of the world’s top cyclists race on the roads you ride every week.

At the Aviva Tour of Britain we rely on good natured volunteers to ensure that the race goes off smoothly and without a hitch. Year on year we have run a very successful volunteer program. Unfortunately, this year we have had very little take up from volunteers in your area.

We are hoping that you might be kind enough to spread the word to your club members that we are looking for volunteers. In return for volunteering they will receive an exclusive Volunteer 15 t-shirt, a programme and will also be entered into a prize draw with a chance to win one of the following prizes: -

1st Prize trip in a guest car Stage of their choice in 2016

2nd Prize Signed leaders jersey

3rd Prize ToB Goody Bag

If you would be willing to circulate this email to your membership, directing any interested members to the following website: -
this would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Kind regards


Christine Kyles | Office Manager

SweetSpot Group Ltd




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