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Kids Club Tops available! Empty Kids Club Tops available!

Post by Woolfie on Fri Nov 06, 2015 9:14 pm

We have had a 'stocktake' of kids tops around the club and have found more of the larger sizes than we thought we had! I know a few people have been asking for them recently so snap them up while you can or maybe Christmas presents?

What we have is listed below - I have added approximate ages next to the sizes - that's from experience around the club but obviously depends on your child size so best to try on. If you would like one either collar me at an event or please drop me a line: andrewwoolf at btinternet dot com

Size 1      ages 2/3/4 (plenty available)

Size 2      ages 4/5 (only 5 available)

Size 3      ages 5/6/7 (only 2 available)

Size 4      ages 8/9/10 (only 2 available)

Size 5      ages 9/10/11 (4 available)

£24 - cheques payable to 'Matlock Cycling Club' please.

Kids Club Tops available! IMG_9330_zpszjc0mc7e
Kids Club Tops available! IMG_9333_zpsgyfu8vu5

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