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Sunday Club Rides Cafe Lists 2016

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Sunday Club Rides Cafe Lists 2016 Empty Sunday Club Rides Cafe Lists 2016

Post by Woolfie on Mon Dec 14, 2015 10:35 pm

As a new initiative for 2016 to improve the social cohesion of the club we have a new list of Sunday club ride café venues for 2016. When you rejoin / join the club you will be given a card with the venue details and dates. The idea is that riders from around the club can turn up at the café whether they have ridden individually or as a group. One venue every month (shown in bold on the card) is a family / child friendly venue able to be reached from a ride along a trail which means the youngsters of the club can also come along too. Hopefully riders from all around the club will support this idea and we'll see you out on the rides next year!

Sunday Club Rides Cafe Lists 2016 Club%20Runs%20list%202016%20Header_zpsyins2qi6

Sunday Club Rides Cafe Lists 2016 Club%20Runs%20list%202016_zpshzgv2iw3

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