FOR SALE - Powertap G3 wheelset

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FOR SALE - Powertap G3 wheelset

Post by McDonaghism on Wed Mar 09, 2016 2:41 am


Powertap G3 power meter (hub based) - part of a wheelset (road clinchers).

The power meter is within the rear hub. I have just had the rear wheel re-built on a Mavic Open Pro rim including a new freehub. The freehub will take both a 10 speed and 11 speed cassette. I haven't used this since the rebuild. It's 32 spoke (double butted).

The front wheel is the original and still has plenty of life left in it.

There's nothing to stop you from having something a little more bling and light weight built around the G3 hub - I only opted for this build as I wanted something robust for training.

I have owned the wheelset from new since May 2014 (I paid £800). I am only selling this as I have upgraded to the Powertap pedals. I've never had any issues with the data coming from the hub, it's been extremely reliable and I can't fault it.

It runs off a standard coin CR2032 battery which is easily changed - you get plenty of warning on your head unit that it is running low.

Unlike many other power meters this doesn't need calibrating or any special tools, you just fit it to your bike like any other wheel and ride. This also means it is easy to swap between bikes.

It broadcasts the data as Ant + so can be recorded/ viewed via most head units (I've been using a Garmin Edge 800 and 500).

In addition to power data it also broadcasts cadence.

Zeroing is easily done via settings on your head unit.

The head unit picks the data up as soon as you start pedalling.

Email me if interested


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