East Midlands Road Race League 2014 and Evening RR series 2014

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East Midlands Road Race League 2014 and Evening RR series 2014

Post by Woolfie on Sat Jan 11, 2014 12:23 am

The EMRRL is running a number of road races around the region again this year.

Anyone wanting information on the League races this year can find out about everything on the Facebook page for the League.
Simply search facebook for East Midlands Road Race League and click to join. There is a list of all the events that form the series.

Here is the link to the BC site for the 1st event in the series on Sunday 30th March:


Evening Road Race Series 2014:
In addition this year there is a series of 16 evening RR for 3/4/J they are on alternate tuesdays (Lime Kiln pub near Cropwell Bishop to the East of Nottingham) and Wednesdays (Beeston). Nottingham Clarion and Beeston RC are running these and should give everyone who wants to have a 1st go at on road racing.

There is a facebook group to join to get info

To make things a little more competitive there is a inter club competition. This is based on the 1st 4 riders from each club who score BC points in each race. There will be a Trophy awarded to the winning Club.

The 1st event in this evening series is on Wednesday April 23rd. They run right through the summer to the end of August.

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