VC Long Eaton Open 25 TT Sat 3rd May

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VC Long Eaton Open 25 TT Sat 3rd May

Post by Woolfie on Thu May 01, 2014 8:33 am

No Rider Club N1

1 Dennis Jackson V C Long Eaton V
2 Will Burnish Bridgtown Cona Testa T T S
3 Adam Huelss V C Long Eaton V
4 Peter Walker V C Nottingham V
5 Stephen Howgill Leicestershire R C V
6 Alan Whyte V C Long Eaton S
7 Matthew Anderson Dynamic Bicycles U K S
8 Robert Prue Ashfield R C V
9 Gemma Scott V C Long Eaton L
10 Dan Speed Bike Science Boardman Elite S
11 Robert Stephenson Coalville Wheelers V
12 Richard Gamble Hinckley C R C S
13 Thomas Evans Welland ValleyC C V
14 Chris Scott V C Long Eaton S
15 Gareth Pymm Coalville Wheelers S
16 Steven Welch Welland ValleyC C V
17 Pete Cotty Poole Wheelers V
18 Terry Horsburgh Ratae R C V
19 Richard Burnett V C Long Eaton S
20 Nick Walford MJS Racing S
21 Stephen Robinson North Notts Olympic R C V
22 Alastair Shed 45 R C S
23 John Singfield V C Long Eaton S
24 Nev Bray Coalville Wheelers V
25 Alan Tunnicliffe Clay Cross R T V
26 Steve Boat Welland ValleyC C V
27 Peter Richardson V C Long Eaton V
28 Brian Wills Hinckley C R C V
29 Brian Peto V C Long Eaton V
30 Jack Hugill Mercia Lloydfs Cycles C C V
31 Xavier Scott Bolsover & District C C S
32 Callum McBrearty Nottingham Clarion C C Jnr
33 Chris Sprott Leicester Forest C C S
34 David York Ratae R C V
35 Ben Wimpory PMR @ Toachim House S
36 David Mead Hinckley C R C S
37 Ben Startin Mercia H B M C C V
38 Jack Beavis Beeston C C S
39 Steve Cornish V C Nottingham V
40 Ian King V C Long Eaton V
41 Mark Exon Coalville Wheelers S
42 Greg Burt V C Long Eaton S
43 Andy Reed Coalville Wheelers V
44 John Cornfield Born to Bike S
45 Alan Cooke Matlock C C V
46 Ryan Ballard Coalville Wheelers S

'I thought of it while riding my bicycle' - Albert Einstein on the theory of relativity
'Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race' - H.G. Wells.

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