HELP Monsal Trail Extension needs you NOW!

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HELP Monsal Trail Extension needs you NOW! Empty HELP Monsal Trail Extension needs you NOW!

Post by Woolfie on Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:10 pm

Fellow cyclists, friends and families, we need your help NOW!

Further Planning applications have been lodged for the extension of the Monsal Trail to Matlock, and they need your support NOW!
Unfortunately a vocal minority are leaving negative comments on the applications for the Rowsley section of the trail - now at the public consultations held earlier in the year there was overwhelming support for this trail acknowledging its huge potential for economic, social, transport and health benefits. Please don't let a minority take away another vital facility for our community as there is a real danger we could lose it!!

If you do one thing for your local community this is it - go online at both the web links to the Planning Applications below and go to the 'comment on this application' link and please add your supporting comments. It will only take a few moments but will help secure this facility for us, our friends and families now and for the future......................

It would be easy to forget that our support is needed for every step of the way when it comes to the planning applications for various sections of the White Peak Trail. The whole stretch from Matlock to Rowsley is divided into 4 phases. Phase 1 is from Matlock to Old Road, Darley Dale. The planning application for this is to be heard next Monday, 9 March. The planning application for Phase 2, Old Rd to Church Rd, has not been submitted yet. Phase 3 is Church Rd to Harrisons Way, the application is in, and some of you have already made comments in favour of the project. Phase 4, Harrisons Way to Rowsley, has only just been submitted and there are very few comments in favour.

Thanks and over to you......................

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