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Joining The Club

Post by Woolfie on Mon Oct 14, 2013 11:07 pm

About us
Matlock Cycling Club is believed to be at least a hundred years old. Photographs exist of riders at the Matlock cycling track taken before 1890 and part of the track banking can still be seen in a garden in Olde Englishe Road. Records state that at that time local cyclists reintroduced a carnival in Matlock and that the procession was led by those cyclists. This makes us think that there was a club in existence by then. The club was suspended a couple of years after the Second World War started, and was reformed after the end of the War.

Unfortunately all club records appear to be lost until the 1938 accounts book, so if anyone is able to fill in the details for us please let us know. Riders of International and National standing who began their careers with Matlock CC include: Annie Last, Tim Gould, Julian Gould, Peter Middleton, Mark Hughes, Doug Forrester, Jon Rider, Eric Stone, Chris Hopkinson, Tom Last and Phil Spencer.

See what British Cycling has to say about us here!

To Join you will need to print out and complete the form at the top of the page and send it, along with a cheque payable to Matlock Cycling Club for the relevant amount to:
Mr John White
Membership Secretary
Matlock Cycling Club,
39 Hackney Road,

We would strongly advise all members to become members of either Cyclists Touring Club (link to website)or British Cycling (link to website). There are many benefits to joining either organisation but membership of either will give the rider third party accident insurance and will help with legal action in the case of an accident. We request that members in the under 18 catagory be a member of Cyclists Touring Club or British Cycling.

Benefits of club membership include:

•A monthly newsletter informing you of club activities
•An extensive programme of races and social rides
•Monthly Dr Bike session with expert help and access to the club tool kit
•Discounted prices at with our club sponsors, including Wards Shoe Shops and Farmers Subaru of Matlock
•Coaching sessions for young riders
•10% discount at Stanley Fearn Cycles (club sponsors).
•For discounts at Wards, Farmers or Stanley Fearns please take your club membership card with you.

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