Sheffrec SPOCO TT wednesday 8 July

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Sheffrec SPOCO TT wednesday 8 July

Post by Woolfie on Mon Jul 06, 2015 10:18 pm




1 Adam Machan Sheffrec CC
2 Sonia Insley W Bolsover & District CC
3 Nicola Holloway W Sheffrec CC
4 Lucy Ham W Sheffrec CC
5 Xavier Scott Bolsover & District CC Xavi
6 Matthew Harris Sheffrec CC
7 Ann Walsham W Maxx RT
8 Julia van Campen W Sheffrec CC
9 Zoe Hibbard W Bolsover & District CC
10 Chris Myhill Peak Road Club Chris
11 Trevor Mayne Birdwell Whs diesel
12 Alex Deck W Langsett Cycles RT
13 Stewart Marsh Matlock CC Prince Madog
14 Callum Stewart Sheffrec CC
15 Alan Cooke Peak Road Club
16 Sam Walsham J Maxx RT
17 Carl Dyke RST Racing Team smokey
18 Stephen Crapper Bolsover & District CC Scrapperuk
19 Richard Wilkinson Rutland CC
20 Danny Lowthorpe Langsett Cycles RT Danny Lowthorpe
21 Darryl Wall Out of the Saddle CC walldp
22 Daniel Featherstone Andy Moore Autocentres Racing
23 Andrew Hicklin Fusion CC (Dronfield)
24 Dominic Watts VeloViewer
25 Ben Lowe VeloViewer
26 Nicholas Latimer Rutland CC nickl
27 Paul Armstrong Sheffrec CC
28 Steven Howe Rutland CC
29 Charles Rowe Stowmarket and District CC / Autostrasse / Orbea fatbiker
30 Christopher Bevan University of Sheffield CC
31 Andrew Newby Langsett Cycles RT
32 Peter Morris Carnac Planet X Pete09
33 Richard Lunt Rossington Whs RichL
34 Daryl May Sheffrec CC daryl
35 Steve Gibson Peak RT

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