NDCXL Season 2015-16 Roll of Honour

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NDCXL Season 2015-16 Roll of Honour

Post by Woolfie on Tue Jan 26, 2016 4:59 am

The final league tables for the NDCXL season 2015-16 have been compiled. Well done to all that took part this year, we have had some outstanding performances and results this year and below is a roll of honour celebrating your achievements - if you rode you are mentioned! Without wishing to single anyone just a few honourable mentions - we had young Eleanor Gordon finishing 2nd in the Under 9s, in the U12s the Matlock team was very strong in arguably the most competitive NDCXL category this season - Sam and Annabel getting 2nd places and young Ben Mellor getting a top 10 in his first season in this category. Will Longden finished the season very strongly which the overall results don't reflect as he started riding halfway through the season. The deadly duo of Amelie and Sarah battled throughout the events and inevitably took another 1-2 in that category! In the Seniors, which is a category we haven't had a lot of riders in recently Andy Vaughan rode very well in his first full NDCXL season to get 6th - think he owes his ever changing pit crew a few drinks! In the ladies it was encouraging to see some new faces giving it a go and it was the same in the Veterans men although NDCXL diehard Chris Green took 1st V45 in his final season in this category.

Finally what a turnout - NDCXL list 87 Matlock riders taking part this season - well done everyone and lets have even more of you on the line in September 2016!

(Riders with EP after their name rode every round)

Under 9s:
2nd Matlock CC Team Charlie Ross, Tom Woolf, Ollie Hodgkinson
5th Charlie Ross EP
7th Tom Woolf EP
14th Ollie Hodgkinson
18th Eleanor Gordon (2nd Placed Girl)
31st Arthur Limb
34th Rory Birch
42nd Ethan Burch
43rd Freddie Smith
47th Max Atkinson
49th Isla Woolf
51st Hugo Atkinson
67th Maisie Robinson
54th Anna Jennings
55th Myla Atkinson
60th Gabriel Falconer White
62nd Freya Lester
64th Isaac Falconer White
65th Samuel Parker
71st Anna Jenkins
76th Ethan Jennings
(20 riders)

Under 12s:
1st Matlock CC Team Sam Gould Alex Gordon Ben Mellor
2nd Sam Gould EP
6th Alex Gordon
10th Ben Mellor EP
18th Annabel Parker 2nd Girl EP
22nd Finlay Hill
24th Will Longden
32nd Tom Logan
35th Lewis Holmes EP
38th Stefan Murgia
40th Ellis Fletcher
41st George Parker EP
42nd Daisy Nicholson
43rd Lola Jamieson
45th Niamh Williams
46th Grace Longden
49th Lucy Kuszynski EP
51st Annabel Shunburne
58th Toby Gregory
61st Louis Swindell
63rd Alice Orgill
64th Sam Hadfield
65th Laurence Hopkinson
71st Oscar Atkinson
75th Archie Mercer
82nd Thomas Birch
84th Jessica Batten-Plowright
86th Callam Birch
89th Isabelle Lester
(28 riders)

U14 Girls:
1st Amelie Wayte (Zepnat)
2nd Sarah Briggs
9th Elizabeth Webster

U16 Girls:
3rd Marianna Kuszynski
9th Ella Ingram

U14 Boys:
13th Harry Large
15th Matthew Nicholson
16th Nathan Gould
18th Josh Pine
22nd Tom Burch
25th Tom Hadfield

U16 Boys:
17th Nick Edwards
18th John Webster

Youth Team Prize:
Matlock CC equal 2nd Sarah Briggs / Marianna Kuzsynski / Elizabeth Webster / Ella Ingram

Senior Men:
6th Andy Vaughan

1st Vet 50 Maz Heffron (Zepnat RT)
15th Julie Parker
20th Abi Waterfall
21st Phoebe Sneddon
26th Christine Howard
28th Louise Glysen
29th Jane Nicholson
30th Andrea Atkinson
31st Justine Harrop

Veteran Men:
V40 Team 3rd Matlock CC Chris Green Pete Hoy Matt Ingram
V50 Team 3rd Matlock CC Chris Watts Martin Stocks Tim Kniveton

1st V45 / 6th V40 Chris Green EP
14th Pete Hoy
15th Matt Ingram
33rd Andrew Briggs
42nd Nick Pine
53rd Karl Webster
70th Richard Nicholson
75th Rob Atkinson
76th Andy Woolf
81st Simon Patten
86th Dominic Wibberley
91st Paul Homan

3rd V55 / 5th Chris Watts EP
8th Martin Stocks
3rd V60 / 27th Tim Kniveton
33rd Paul Dalton
54th Jonathan Edwards
60th Robert Orr

Club Participation Trophy Matlock CC 3rd

Total Matlock riders taking part this season: 87

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'Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race' - H.G. Wells.

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