Gillingham and District Hardriders TT

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Gillingham and District Hardriders TT

Post by Woolfie on Mon Mar 10, 2014 7:22 pm

1 Rob Pears Bath CC V 00:43:22 trident-7
2 Jon Wynn Northover Vets V 00:43:48
3 Matt Burden Severn RC S 00:43:55 ilovemytinbred
4 Paul Jones Bristol South CC S 00:44:11 pj76
5 Dave Kiddell Cavalier CC V 00:44:19
6 Michael Davis Dursley RC S 00:45:45 Mike Davies
7 Jay Hookins Devizes Town CC S 00:46:21
8 Tony Chapman Dream CC V 00:46:26 alwayshorizontal
9 Simon Williams Dursley RC S 00:46:53 Mrhm
10 Nick Creed Somer Valley CC S 00:46:54
11 Rick Johnston Northover Vets SV 00:48:01
12 Iain Hounsell Mendip CC V 00:48:05 IainJH
13 Simon Cox Chippenham Wheelers V 00:48:24
14 Stuart Kerton Gillingham Wheelers/Wheels Cycles S 00:48:40 stuke
15 Robbie Edgell Performance Cycles S 00:48:55
16 Owen Burgess VC Bristol S 00:48:57 burgo
17 Graham Gordon Bristol South CC S 00:49:23 G-bitch
18 Chris Martin Yeovil CC V 00:49:23 plxman
19 Neil Reynolds Winchcombe CC S 00:49:38 cyclingpostie
20 Paul Winchcombe Chippenham Wheelers V 00:50:11 Paul Winchcombe
21 Paul Coles Team Cycology V 00:50:19 PColes
22 Shaun Walsh Yeovil CC SV 00:51:08 53.11
23 Nicole Walters VC Walcot LS 00:51:21
24 John Gregory Somer Valley CC SV 00:52:02 weltonjohn
25 Michael Young VC Walcot S 00:52:22 Youngmj13
26 James Chant Gillingham Wheelers/Wheels Cycles V 00:52:27 Jamessorbus
27 James Hywel-Davies Gillingham Wheelers/Wheels Cycles J 00:53:02
28 Chris Mullett Gillingham Wheelers/Wheels Cycles S 00:53:28
29 Andy Cole Westbury Wheelers SV 00:53:59
30 Bob Latchem Somer Valley CC SV 00:55:04
31 Grahame Reed Gillingham Wheelers/Wheels Cycles SV 00:55:06
32 Rob Martin Team Tor 2000 V 00:55:12
33 Tom Ryan Bath CC SV 00:55:12
34 Simon Rouse Severn RC V 00:55:32 severnsi
35 Richard Turpin Wellington Wheelers SV 00:56:10
36 Steve Way Gillingham Wheelers/Wheels Cycles V 00:56:21
37 Jonathan York Somer Valley CC V 00:57:34 adagio
38 Gerry Peppin Corinium CC V 00:58:02 pepsi
39 Marc Riddle Somer Valley CC V 00:58:17
40 Stewart Marsh Matlock CC V 00:58:45 Prince Madog
41 Michael Horsman Gloucester City CC V 00:59:42
42 Don Tanner Gillingham Wheelers/Wheels Cycles V 01:00:05 DonT
43 Sarah Wheeler Gillingham Wheelers/Wheels Cycles LV 01:00:53
44 Steve Barber Chippenham Wheelers V 01:03:21 steve68

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Re: Gillingham and District Hardriders TT

Post by Prince Madog on Tue Mar 11, 2014 3:42 am

Really struggled!  20mph headwind up the hill from the start meant a 20mph crosswind for the 50mph descent near the end. Wimped out and replaced the tri-spoke with a training wheel. Found I just couldn't keep any real effort up, either.

Still, I've been slower on that course and it did get me away from the in-laws for an hour or three! Very Happy

Link to piccie here.
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